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20 000 unique visitors milestone

Less than a year ago (early July 2020), we launched Since then, Boardle has recently passed 20,000 unique visitors! It has become a reference for many facilitators and I am proud whenever someone uses it and quotes it as a reference. Even if it didn't live up to our ambitions. Indeed ... See more

By Boardle team

18 May 2021

Introducing Boardle Champion

First, I would like to say: Happy New year 🥳 2020 was a test ... 2021 will be a success. 2020 has been a special year for the world. Our habits have changed. Remote work has really evolved. Ten years ago, remote work would have been much more difficult. Today, the tools are there and especially fo ... See more

By Boardle team

04 January 2021

Boardle LIVE on Producthunt

Hi Boardle members 👋 , We hope you’re doing well.  May we borrow 5 minutes of your time? Today, we would like to share your workshops template on a different scale. Today, we want to go beyond the boundaries of the facilitator community Today, we want to move to a higher level. Today, we are lau ... See more

By Boardle team

16 November 2020

Boardle - News features - 2 new tools, spanish and Remote job toolkits

What’s new on We’ve made some evolutions on Boardle. Here the news features: • Remote job toolkit pages • New language available: Spanish • 2 new tools available: Milanote and In particular, we have added a new category to classify boards. Indeed, as you start a job, you look ... See more

By Boardle team

10 November 2020

What’s news in video conference world? Which solutions for your next workshop?

What’s news in video conference world?  The number of videoconferences has risen sharply because of the pandemic. In the small world of workshops, this has changed a lot. What is the best app during your workshops? or Zoom, teams, meet? whiteboards in-app solutions? or video conference dedicated to ... See more

By Boardle team

05 November 2020

New Business, Facilitators And Templates

[Image] Hey boardelers, I hope you’re doing well and that your day is off to a great start! 🚀 These are very exciting times for us. We are testing a lot of things as you may have seen on social networks or in your mailbox recently. Here are the last news of Facilitation business, people and tools ... See more

By Boardle team

22 October 2020 gets a new look for the new school year

Hi Boardelers! Hope you are well and you succeed in to facilitate more and more workshops! It’s back to school for many of you and for us too. The activity on is increasing and we are very happy about it. For this new school year, we are making a new look, on the newsletter but also on ... See more

By Boardle team

01 September 2020

Miro, Mural, Klaxoon & co are the new PowerPoint

Why are these whiteboard apps becoming THE new way to run presentations, slides, and workshops? [Whiteboard apps are the new PowerPoint!] 10 years ago in 2010, I had just graduated from a french engineering school and I was starting my career as a consultant in a parisian consulting firm. During t ... See more

By Boardle team

25 August 2020

How to organize your virtual whiteboard in Miro, Mural, Figma, or Klaxoon ?

Find out the best way to organize your virtual whiteboard space in Miro, Mural, figma or Klaxoon and choose between the horizontal layout, the agenda layout, the central layout, the story layout and much more ... [Image] For the past decade, we’ve mostly worked with PowerPoint-kind-of tools that o ... See more

By Boardle team

21 July 2020

How to pimp your virtual whiteboard for a remote workshop? ☁️ 🖥

Advice, tips, and reflex to optimize your virtual whiteboard [Image] [Image] 2 months ago, work patterns changed all of a sudden and left us very little time to prepare ourselves for this new organization. We had to learn how to run Design Sprints remotely. Indeed, before this crazy period, we we ... See more

By Boardle team

14 July 2020

#2 : How to edit/complete your profile?

Hi and welcome on 👋 We are very delighted to welcome you in our tool and present you the second step to contribute and inspire facilitators around the world! In our previous article, we explained how to add a new workshop. To help people to know you after discovering your work, it’s ve ... See more

By Boardle team

11 July 2020

#1 : How to add a workshop in 😃

Hi and welcome on 👋 We are very delighted to welcome you in the tool and present you the first step to contribute and inspire facilitators of the world! Even we hope our process is easy to add a workshop in, we would like to present each step and explain good practice to add ... See more

By Boardle team

10 July 2020

Why we launched

We recently launched and many of you have been asking us about the reasons for this platform and the ambition behind this project. We wanted to answer you and communicate about what we stand for through this project and the ambition we share with you during our meetings. Who are we? Be ... See more

By Boardle team

09 July 2020