New Business, Facilitators And Templates

Jérémy Jodeau
October 22, 2020



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These are very exciting times for us. We are testing a lot of things as you may have seen on social networks or in your mailbox recently. Here are the last news of Facilitation business, people and tools of

1. French Facilitation Coaching

We recently launched a coaching and sharing initiative to help facilitators to test and challenge the workshops they design. We have had very good feedback from the coachees and are waiting for the results to see if this coaching has had an impact. We’ll tell you all about it in the next episode!
Stay tuned 🤩

2. Sell your facilitation skills and templates

This second initiative is done with you. Indeed, we have started working with several facilitators to understand the barriers and solutions that could help you sell your facilitation skills and templates. We would like to thank Benjamin, Olivier, Alexander, Nuno, Aleksandra, both Marie, Iva and Michel for accompanying us and challenging us on this subject!

Here are some insights created during our asynchronous sailboat workshop.


We will keep you informed of the first results and potential tests of new solutions. We’ll probably need your help to get feedback. 😃

Finally, check out what’s new with Boardle this week.


Firstly, we’d like to congratulate and thank Vy Alechnavicius, the best contributor to last week! He created useful workshops templates you can use for your next workshop! 🎉

Next off, here’s a friendly reminder that you can be the next one to be awarded for your contribution! So think of it and get going! Click here to add your first template.

And by the way, there are a bunch of fresh 🎁templates prepared for you below!

Top Uses From Last Week


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