Introducing Boardle Champion

Jérémy Jodeau
January 4, 2021

 First, I would like to say: Happy New year 🥳

2020 was a test ... 2021 will be a success.

2020 has been a special year for the world. Our habits have changed. Remote work has really evolved. Ten years ago, remote work would have been much more difficult. Today, the tools are there and especially for remote workshops.

Convinced that Miro, Mural, Klaxoon, Figma, Metro retro, Draft, and Milanote make us more efficient than ever, we work side by side with them to help you conduct the best remote digital meetings you've ever held.

We are happy to be part of this movement.

In 2021, we would like to introduce new services and features in Boardle. To get the year off to a good start, we would like to introduce you to a new feature: Boardle champions.

Introducing Boardle Champion

Boardle Champion are community recognized facilitators. Some facilitators will be featured on the site.

How are they selected?
We will be selecting them based on several criteria:

  • Creation of many workshops: They have proposed and created many boards for the community.
  • ONE recognized workshop: At least one of their boards has been recognized and shared on social networks.
  • Sharing is caring: they facilitate many workshops to share their knowledge and experiences.

There are already a dozen facilitators recognized as Boardle champions.

Discover them :