#2 : How to edit/complete your profile?

Jérémy Jodeau
July 11, 2020

Hi and welcome on Boardle.io 👋

We are very delighted to welcome you in our tool and present you the second step to contribute and inspire facilitators around the world!

In our previous article, we explained how to add a new workshop. To help people to know you after discovering your work, it’s very important to introduce yourself clearly.

Even if we hope our process is easy to edit or complete your profile in Boardle.io, we would like to present each step and explain the good practices.

Ready to be seen all over the world? Let’s go ! 🚀

1. Sign up or Log in to edit your profile 🙍‍♂️

To edit your profile in Boardle.io, you need to register or log in as we can see below :


In order to do so:

  1. Click on the button “Sign up or Log in” on the right corner
  2. If you sign up, add your e-mail address, password and password confirmation. Validate to sign up
  3. If you Log in, simply add your e-mail address and your password and validate
  4. Feel free to check “remember me” so that you don’t have to do this every time you come to Boardle.io.

That’s it for this first step, you have created your account or you have logged in! 🙌

2. Edit your profile 🚀

Now you are connected, you can simply edit or complete your profile. To do that, you need to complete some elements. Don’t worry, it’s very simple!

First, go to the “edit profile” page. You’ll have to choose between are two options.

Go on “Your board” page and click on “Edit Your Profile”:


Or go directly in your account settings and click on “Edit profile” :


Now follow these instructions :

  1. Fill your First name (or Company Name)

You may represent a company who wants to share stuff with the community. It’s not a problem, you just add here the name of your company.

2. Fill your Last name

3. Upload a picture to complete your avatar (Professional picture is recommended 😃)

4. Describe your job (Try to keep it simple)

5. Describe your company if you are a person

If you are a company, you don’t need to fill this placeholder.

5. Pick up a range of experience

7. Fill-in your Linkedin or website link.

Each user interested by your profile can go to your personal page and know more about you and your work! that’s why we recommend to fill it.

8. Describe yourself to help people to understand why you are passionate and what is your background.

Here are two examples of profile descriptions in the tool :


I’m a RedDot award-winning Product Designer, innovation sprint facilitator, and currently the Design System Lead at Software AG.
I have studied and worked in several countries — knowing and experiencing the different cultures has cultivated my interest in juxtaposing ideas in work with global teams effectively. One of my main focus is designing workshops and facilitating collaboration to solve problems creatively but with structure.


Depuis 10 ans, j’aide les entreprises à améliorer leur stratégie et leurs services dans le jeu et la bonne humeur grâce à des ateliers d’intelligence collective. Issue d’un master en psychologie et ergonomie cognitive, je suis convaincue que le meilleur moyen pour le cerveau humain de résoudre une problématique complexe et de s’y attaquer de manière ludique et collaborative. Enfin depuis 2017, je propose des formations afin que les entreprises s’approprient les outils UX et deviennent autonomes dans la mise en place de ces méthodes au quotidien.

9. As soon as your profile is up to date, don’t hesitate to check on “Public profile (Allow user to find you in the facilitator’s list)”

This checkbox allows you to promote your profile in the facilitator library!

10. Then click on the “update” button to validate your information

👏Congrats! you’ve completed your profile! 👏