What’s news in video conference world? Which solutions for your next workshop?

Jérémy Jodeau
November 5, 2020

 What’s news in video conference world?

The number of videoconferences has risen sharply because of the pandemic. In the small world of workshops, this has changed a lot. What is the best app during your workshops? or Zoom, teams, meet? whiteboards in-app solutions? or video conference dedicated to Workshop?


You have a workshop planned, you don’t know which videoconferencing solution to use? Here are the different solutions and the latest evolutions

Classic video conference app

You already know them well because they are often integrated into your business. For the most coprorate of you, you will often use teams, zoom, or google meet.

Zoom: the most widespread during the crisis outside large companies and start-ups. Zoom took advantage of the pandemic by positioning itself as one of the market references. Zoom has been able to impose new functionalities which then spread to other solutions. Zoom was able to impose the blurring of the background, the breakout rooms.

Microsoft Teams: integrated into the Microsoft suite, teams has evolved enormously since the beginning of the crisis. Competing with Zoom, Microsoft realized that it had a lot to play for. Teams has recently added new features: Custom background, Together mode (Digitally sit in a shared background, making it feel like you’re in the same room with everyone else), in app integration (Streamline tasks and critical business processes by integrating apps and workflows).

Google Meet: Like Microsoft Team, Google has largely evolved its solution. Meet was efficient because it was integrated with Google suite. However, it was behind on a lot of functionality. These last evolutions have allowed coming back to the forefront: Custom background, better gallery mode, …

Whiteboard in app solution

Whiteboard applications have understood with the crisis the problem of having multiple windows open on the desktop and being quickly lost. Facilitators and meeting leaders had difficulty switching between windows.
Who has never seen a colleague’s personal email appear while he was presenting his screen?

These solutions have therefore evolved their app to integrate video conferencing.

Miro: He is one of the first to have integrated his solution directly into the application. Miro offers several video conferencing applications.

Mural : Recently, Mural has integrated a “quick call” solution that can be quickly used in the application. Based on dobly.io, it is easily

Board by klaxxoon: Klaxoon did not offer video conferencing but with the release of their new application BOARD. They offer something very advanced. Indeed, Board offers several conferencing applications. This one allows being easily integrated into the professional environment. Whether you use teams, skype, zoom or meet, you will have direct access to your video conference.

Video conference dedicated to Workshop

These applications are great… but I won’t write an article just to present what you already know. Indeed, lately, I had the chance to discover 2 apps that rock!

Meetbutter: Smooth as butter, that’s their slogan. This solution dedicated to the workshop is the perfect application to conduct your workshop. Pool, timebox, speaker queue, breakout room, … and this is just the beginning. Launched in Germany and developed by Jakob Knutzen and Christopher Holm-Hansen, they are evolving their solution every day and THEY are shredding!

With its particular style, this one really has something more. You should test it for your next workshop: meetbutter.io

Toasty.ai: on the other side of the planet, launched by Kevon Cheung, Toasty also meets all the needs of facilitators. With a more classical but less characteristic interface, Toasty offers integrated applications (Miro, …), to simplify your note-taking, breakouts rooms, and a rather advanced agenda. This agenda looks a bit like a lab session but directly in your video conference.

You have to try it : https://toasty.ai/

Here we are, I hope I have made you discover the last two solutions which are perfect for your next workshop.

👏Finally, we would like to thank you a lot for your support!👏

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