Boardle LIVE on Producthunt

Jérémy Jodeau
November 16, 2020

 Hi Boardle members 👋 ,

We hope you’re doing well.

May we borrow 5 minutes of your time?

Today, we would like to share your workshops template on a different scale.

Today, we want to go beyond the boundaries of the facilitator community

Today, we want to move to a higher level.

Today, we are launching Boardle on Product hunt .

Why are we launching in Producthunt ?

Last July, we launched the first version of Boardle with Sylvain. Our ambition was to offer a place to highlight your workshops and your -phenomenal- skills.

Convinced that Miro, Mural, Klaxoon, Figma, Metro retro, Draft and Milanote make us more efficient than ever, we are working side by side with some of them to help you to run the best digital remote meetings you’ve ever runned.

After several iterations, we have evolved Boardle to meet your expectations.

We have included new tools (Milanote, Metroretro, draft) which are less well-known but deserve a place in the big league.

After 4 months, users have added more than 100 workshops for UX designers, product managers, Scrum masters, sprint masters, and animators.

Now we have :

- more than 260 workshops

- more than 450 members

- more than 7000 visitors

- but the most important thing for us is that we get a lot of testimonials every day telling us that we are helping the community!

Lately, the rhythm has been accelerating...

Since the beginning, we were lead by this mantra:

When I need inspiration for DESIGN, our reflex is to go to DRIBBLE.

When I need inspiration for a WORKSHOP, the reflex should be to go to BOARDLE

Boardle now helps you to improve your remote skills and to run workshops in the most innovative way. We think we have fulfilled our first mission and we would like to share it with more people.

Producthunt is the first step!

That's why we decided to officially launch Boardle on product hunt.