- 2022 & Introducing new Boardle owners

Jérémy, marcus, Alexander and Florian
February 17, 2022

Hi Boardle members 👋,

how are you? It's been a while.

What's the news with Boardle?

Boardle is about to enter a new era.
I (Jérémy) am happy to announce that Marcus, Alexander, and Florian are now the owners of Boardle.

Here are their messages

Together Alexander, Marcus, and Florian we take over the leading independent portal for remote workshop templates

Thanks to Jeremy and Sylvain for building this great platform and community over the last two years!  

This is very exciting for us and marks the start of a new adventure together. Having used as facilitators we are eager to bring it to the next level.

Important for us is not only the portal, but You - the community around and behind it. We want to support you better in the future to

👉🏼 present yourself as workshoppers and facilitators
👉🏼 get more client requests and
👉🏼 get out more value of the community

One key element of our plan is to listen to you to increase the value of for you by adding and validating new features and services.

So if you have already ideas what you need more of as a workshopper, facilitator or consultant - please comment below!

We will constantly update you in regards to how we develop the project, which techniques we are using and what we are implementing - and You can be a vital part of it!

Again, today we are very happy to start this new journey together with you!

What is changing?

The website has been switched to no code in order to evolve more quickly.
Nothing changes. You still have access to your space to modify and add your boards.
We had to migrate your account. Only the passwords could not be migrated.

To connect, you must request a new password by the "forget your password".

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any problem with your access.