20 000 unique visitors milestone

Jérémy Jodeau
May 18, 2021

 Less than a year ago (early July 2020), we launched Boardle.io.

Since then, Boardle has recently passed 20,000 unique visitors!

It has become a reference for many facilitators and I am proud whenever someone uses it and quotes it as a reference.

Even if it didn't live up to our ambitions. Indeed, in the beginning, with SYLVAIN DORE we wanted to make it a startup... for many reasons, it is now a side project.

I am very happy to participate in the diffusion of the workshop and remote culture with the fabulous tools that are: Miro, MURAL, Figjam (by Figma), Metro Retro, Collaboard, ...

Now we can find more than 300 workshop templates on the different tools.