Why we launched Boardle.io

Jérémy Jodeau
July 9, 2020

 We recently launched Boardle.io and many of you have been asking us about the reasons for this platform and the ambition behind this project.

We wanted to answer you and communicate about what we stand for through this project and the ambition we share with you during our meetings.

Who are we?

Before explaining, why we are doing this project, we need to explain who we are. Jeremy and I are two consultants with a passion for innovation, product management and UX design.

It is through our missions that we discovered the world of facilitation. We have worked on several projects using Design Thinking and Design Sprint approaches.

A few months ago, after several discussions about the issues we had as consultants and facilitators, we told ourselves that there was a lot we could do to help facilitators like us.

In the meantime, we were committed to our company initiatives. It was therefore quite natural for us to decide to take the plunge and start testing different ideas to act on this universe.

Boardle.io, an idea borned thanks to you!

A few months ago, we launched the first initiative around Design Sprint, Mydesignsprint.io.

This initiative allowed us to meet you and challenge it. It was through these meetings that the idea of Boardle.io came to us.

Many of you talked about the new frictions created by remote work. The facilitators expressed the need to:
⏳Save time in their preparation: They spend a lot of time to adapt their approach and interactions to maintain engagement and results.
💎Improve their design and facilitation skills: They have to use new tools to design workshops and communicate with participants;
👀 Keep in touch with the world of animators who are widespread today: Facilitators looking for canvas, tips and case study.

Remote facilitation created pains and oblige facilitators to change the way they interact with participants. But remote facilitation has opened opportunities too.

Opportunities behind remote facilitation

Indeed, the work of facilitator is now tangible. The conception work appears and helps to understand all the workload behind the preparation of a workshop.

It is also a new way to promote facilitators work and skills. Designer can promote their creativity with their portfolio. Facilitators can now easily demonstrate how they solve problems, create team alignment or improve co-creation with their workshops recipes.

That’s why Boardle.io proposes to the facilitators to:
🤩Get inspired by talented peers: Find more than 200 templates in the biggest template library
🚀Promote their facilitator skill and portfolio: Edit your profile and promote your board to be the best facilitator
🤝Meet and discuss with other facilitators: Get feedbacks and improve your work in virtual facilitation

The ambition behind Boardle.io 🚀

As facilitators, we really want to promote our mission and colleagues . Our first ambition is to build the biggest facilitators community to share and promote works, tips and initiatives.

Whether you’re a designer, product owner, product manager, sprint master, or scrum master, we share the same pains and motivations. That’s why we can create something strong and consistent!

We identified some great challenges and we will share them with you soon!

You want to contribute? 😍

You want to contribute but you don’t know where to start? It’s very easy. You can now :
add and share workshops template you created to help other facilitators to improve themselves.
Share the platform on your LinkedIn to engage others facilitators
Recommend the platform to your colleagues

👏Finally, we would like to thank you a lot for your support!👏

You had a good time reading us? Clap this article to help us to become more visible. Feel free to contact us on the webchat on boardle.io or at contact@boardle.io. We’re always happy to chat!t!