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Wheel of Life | A Life Coaching Exercise

What is Wheel of Life?

The Wheel of Life is a popular coaching exercise. It allows a client to explore different dimensions of their life. The wheel is a visual representation of the person's life with segments of the wheel relating to different life dimensions.

Why use Wheel of Life?

It's a great way for a client to gain a new perspective on their life. It helps clients appreciate the impact a decision might have on other parts of their life. For example, how might a new job impact their family, social life and health?

How to use the Wheel of Life;

  1. Review the Wheel of Anything - Edit the 8 Categories so that they reflect the primary categories of your life
  2. For each section think about your level of satisfaction for each category
  3. Next, draw a line across each section to visualise your current level - 0 Not Satisfied 10 Fully Satisfied
  4. Looking at the wheel what jumps out to you?

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