Toby Sinclair

Agile coach / Scrum Master

Toby is a Business Executive based in London. He has 12+ years experience in the technology industry ranging from hands-on software development roles to senior leadership positions. The positions have been with globally recognised companies including JP Morgan Chase, The Very Group, National Trust, Nationwide Building Society.

Toby has a unique blend of skills both in technology and psychology disciplines. This enables him to work with people at all levels organisations with credibility and empathy.

Technology skills have been developed as a hands-on developer building and testing customer solutions in many languages, following agile software development practices.

Psychology skills come through professional coaching accreditation with the International Coaching Federation, applied in a personal and business context. This enables Toby to work with senior leaders and teams both personally and professionally to succeed in challenging environments. 

A deep knowledge and passion in understanding human behaviour, Toby applies this to organisational design, leadership development, group facilitation. Toby also has a Post Graduate Degree in Personal and Business Coaching.

This bend of skills across technology and psychology means Toby flourishes in agile, adaptive working environments, succeeding in situations with high complexity and uncertainty.

Toby has an in-depth knowledge of agile working practices ranging from single team scrum, large scale scrum and flow based approaches such as Kanban. He has coached 100's of leaders and teams in adopting these practices.

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