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Tiny Habits Framework - Build and Break new Habits

What is the Tiny Habits Framework?

This framework, created by BJ Fogg, focuses on the idea that the best way to change behaviour is to cultivate Tiny Habits. This 6 step process explores your aspiration and helps identify tiny habits that will help you move forward towards it.

This book summary expands more on the framework:

Behaviour change is hard but we can make it easier. So many people start with a big aspiration but then fail to follow up with the behaviour that will make it happen. This framework is a practical way to maximise your chances of success. A perfect framework to achieve many goals such as fitness, career or family. This can framework can be used individually and also within a team setting.

How to use it?

On this canvas are the 6 behaviour change steps. Start by defining your aspiration, let's imagine it's to reduce stress. The following steps then explore the behaviours which will help move towards that aspiration. You'll take these behaviours and break them down into Tiny Habits.

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