Bart Bongers

Consultant / Professional services


I am Bart.
I work together with Dolf Reijnders, we are social and creative entrepreneurs.

At AgileWalls we allow our customers to build great designs by themselves, using our products.
AgileWalls develops modular design elements that easily combine and click into place. Both online and offline!

The Obeya philosophy leads to inclusive and sustainable decision making.
That’s why we love it.
So we founded
Where you can find all there is to know and learn about Obeya’s.
Including a network of friends willing to help you out 😉.

In 2018 we founded the VuurVogels  (Phoenix) foundation.
Out of frustration with the lack of inspiration in our lives.
VuurVogels is a non-profit foundation (Stichting).
And oh yeah, we combine this with the art of winemaking.
Via VuurVogels we can GIVE a lot. This makes us happy!!


Entrepreneur, lean Black Belt, Agilist, web Developer, remote Facilitation, Obeya