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Steven Sampson-Jones

Steven Sampson-Jones

Under The Sea - Animation Retro

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Under The Sea - Animation Retro


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Why do this workshop?
A Retrospective is a ceremony held at the end of each iteration in an agile project. The general purpose is to allow the team, as a group, to evaluate its past working cycle. In addition, it's an important moment to gather feedback on what went well and what did not.

How to run this workshop?
1. Energiser; Ponyo’s Ramen
Participants pick their ingredients from from the pantry at the bottom by dragging or copy/pasting everything they like.
- They choose a ramen bowl, add their name below and place their ingredients in their plate.
- Once everyone is ready, participants share with the group what they chose and why.

2. Generate Insights; Finding Nemo
- Participants add as many ideas, challenges or opportunities next to the visual prompts which covers areas such as health, processes, kudos and marginal gains.
- One idea per post-it, as many as they can think of across the 5 questions to spark inspiration.

3. Dot Voting; SpongeBob Sqaurepants
- 🗳️ Instruct participants on the voting rules:
Each participant is entitled to five votes (each vote will be represented by a dot on the sticky note).
- Participants can place more than one vote on a card.
Go vote!

“Please, vote on the items that you want to debate. The items with most votes will be picked up first.”

Discuss the highest rated topics and capture  experiments and key take-always.

4, Rate the retro; Ariel
Hover your cursor over the three visual prompts, to determine how successful the session was.


Discover the workshop in video


Steven Sampson-Jones

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