Steven Sampson-Jones

Steven Sampson-Jones

Steven Sampson-Jones

This is Halloween

use this template
This is Halloween


Why do this workshop?
Happy Halloween!
Built in collaboration with Dave Westgarth & Kylie Kirk

As mentioned in my previous posts, I like to use a template from "Agile Retrospectives - Making Good Teams Great" to help guide my retrospectives, and this one is no different. The steps are:

  • Set The Scene
  • Gather Data
  • Generate Insights
  • Decide What To Do
  • Close Retrospective

These are all factored into the Miro Board.

How to run this workshop?
Monster Jam - Create a Monster using the in-built illustrations. Alternatively, upload your own components and make use of the Miro IconFinder.
2. Health Check-In  -   💡 Scale 1-10 take a variety of Halloween treats and plot them along the scale with the team? Then team rates on scale how they think previous sprint went?
3. Coaching Cards (Optional) -  what picture & characters resonates with how you feel today? e.g. Sleepy Hollow = feeling headless or Cheshire Cat "smiling like...) etc.
4. Nightmare Before Christmas Retro Prompts: 
  • What didn't go according to plan
  • Where can we be more self-managing or efficient?
  • Anything causing you unnecessary stress? 
  • How can we reduce technical debt, deliver more value?
  • Potential experiments?
  • Kudos Wall!
5. Dot Voting - 5 votes per participant, you can distribute them as you wish
6. Return of time invested or Fist of five - 5: awesome to 0: boo!


Discover the workshop in video


Steven Sampson-Jones

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