Steven Sampson-Jones

Steven Sampson-Jones

Steven Sampson-Jones

The “Retro” Arcade

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The “Retro” Arcade


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Why do this workshop?
The point of a retrospective is to enable change. It’s a reserved time to look at how we are working together as a team and inspect and adapt the culture and team-practices.

This theme is a nostalgic homage to the classic Arcade side-scrolling platform games, that is familiar to virtually everyone.

Putting the “Retro” back into Retrospectives!

This template also includes the “Optimus” Prime Directive, an Energiser and unique hand-drawn voting counters.

All visuals have been sketched by Steven Sampson-Jones (UK Government Agile coach) on Procreate.

How to run this workshop? 
  • Set the stage - The (Optimus) Prime Directive - set expectations and contribute towards the psychological safety of the session.
    Icebreaker - “This or That” conversational exercise, which will help build people connections and allow participants to find their voice at the outset.
    Generate insights - Participants add suggestions, concerns and kudos through the visual prompts; Sonic - iteration/pace of delivery), Donkey Kong - overcoming hurdles, Super Mario (Powered-Up ways of working and colleagues), Crash Bandicoot - how are the team damaging themselves or their users and Cuphead/Mugman - how effectively do we work as a team?
  • Decide what to do - Affinity sort stickies into related groups and allow time for participants to use the Pac-Man (hand drawn) voting counters for them to distribute as they wish. 20-40 minute brainstorm and discuss experiments to take into the next sprint/timebox.
  • Close the show - return of time invested/fist of five, was this format/session a Hi-Score on the “Arcade Leadboard”. 1st place (1 finger - excellent) to 5th place (4 fingers and a thumb - must do better).


Discover the workshop in video


Steven Sampson-Jones

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