The story behind the Product Storyboard
Quite often ideas developed during ideation sessions miss important aspects that are needed in order to full fill user needs. 

The Product Storyboard offers a fun-to-use and ease-to-understand way to identify certain steps on a user journey that needs further attention (e.g. features of a solution). Furthermore, it's story-driven format offers an accessible way of presenting an idea to other stakeholders or deciders.

What is the Product Storyboard?
The Product Storyboard is a framework to further develop an initial idea. The sequential logic in 'scenes' allows team members to outline each relevant step on a user's journey from user need to need fulfilment in a creative and engaging way, even if they are not used to creating complex customer journeys or process diagrams.

How to use it
Start: Begin your Product Storyboard by briefly outlining challenges, characters, settings and tools that are relevant to your idea's story.Scenes: Duplicate the 'scene frame' for each scene of your story. 3 to 6 scenes should be sufficient to illustrate your idea and how it affects users and solves their challenge.

End: Since your solution should solve specific user needs or pains, use the 'end frame' to demonstrate how the characters of your product story benefitted from the interaction with your idea.


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