Pedro Segreto

Pedro Segreto

Pedro Segreto

Story & Telling

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Story & Telling


Good storytelling is made of two separate parts: the story and the telling. The story is all about ideas, content, information. It relies on context and target. On the other hand, the telling is about structure and form. The design of a journey of the author and his audience. this board will help you to visualize content and structure, to have a deeper understanding of your choices, and to build stories and presentations that resonate with your target group.

I have been using this framework to create my talks, presentations, and classes, as well as in co-creation workshops with multidisciplinary teams, building from brand manifestos to social network content and pitching scripts.

How to
On this board, you will find the instructions of use, two tools, and a sample case, which will guide you through the process. Just follow these 4 steps:
  1. Build your story
  2. Design your telling
  3. Tune the dynamics
  4. Make it tangible.


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Pedro Segreto
I am a designer and facilitator specialized in design sprints and co-creation processes. Working with some of the biggest Brazilian companies I have been helping teams to solve complex problems through collaboration, visual and system thinking. After more than 100 sprints, during the last 4 years, I created dozens of design thinking tools to develop business models, new products and services, branding platforms, communication strategies, logistic solutions, and beyond.

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