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Why do this workshop?
This is a simple retrospective framework in which people can get their point across.

How to run this workshop? 
  1. Introduce the retrospective and remind teams of the Prime Directive.
  2. Ask the team to write their sticky notes in private for all categories (10 minutes).
  3. Reveal all the sticky notes and start to group similar themes together. Discuss and ask people to explain their sticky note if needed (15 minutes).
  4. Hold a voting round to identify the priority topics (5 minutes).
  5. Ask the team to brainstorm solutions and actions for the top-voted topics (10 minutes)
  6. Hold one last voting round to decide up to three actions. Assign an owner to each action (10 minutes)
  7. Hold a closing activity or finish the retro.


Discover the workshop in video


Metro Retro
 Metro Retro is a free web app that helps teams run productive, engaging and fun retrospectives. 

It uses real-time updates, adaptable templates and a quirky sense of humour to help you run the best possible retros!

It is great for distributed teams where a face to face retrospective is not possible. It is also great for co-located teams for shorter meetings, less wasted paper and always available history of your retros. 

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