Steven Sampson-Jones

Steven Sampson-Jones

Steven Sampson-Jones

Spongebob Squarepants Retrospective

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Immerse yourself under the sea through the magical realm of Bikini Bottom. Brought to you by SpongeSteve SquarePants Set the stage: At the start of a retrospective it is important that everyone says something out loud. If you speak out loud at the beginning of the meeting the chance that you are going to join the follow-up discussion increases drastically. We're going to get participants to achieve this by adopting a snail, they can feed their chosen pet and talk about why that particular one resonated with them. Generate insights: 1. What are our secret ingredients? (i.e. what makes our team so high-performing, what do we do well...) 2. F is for Friends that do stuff together (i.e. create an appreciation station, where participants can share credit where its due) 3. EVIIILL! (i.e. what's damaging to our team, workflow and practices that we should stop doing) 4. The user (not money) is always right (i.e. when did we last engage with out users, how are we user-centric, any direct quotes to playback or what value have we delivered) 5. What has taken us by surprise? (i.e. what could we have done differently in hindsight, what have we learnt this iteration...) 6. FUUUTURE! (i.e. this is out future-spective, ask the team what their hopes and concerns are moving forwards). Close the show: Encourage participants to place a "Krabby Patty" next to the character that represents their feeling, confidence and mood following the conclusion of the workshop/retrospective. Please note the board is "view-only", please request access and I'd be happy to grant you edit permissions. All of the visuals and components have been hand-drawn using Procreate. Feedback is a gift, therefore, please let me know what you think or how it lands with your teams. Whilst your at it, could you also clarify if Mayonnaise is an instrument (asking for a friend)...


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Steven Sampson-Jones
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