Alejandro Flores

Alejandro Flores

Alejandro Flores

Rituals Design Workshop Template (Spanish)

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Why do this workshop?
Facilitate this workshop in order to design rituals for your team, an test them.

How to run this workshop?
1. Begin with the pain points (what isn´t working). Brainstorm on sticky notes (one note per idea).
2. Vote for the most important pain points.
3. Become the most voted pain points into HMW...
4. Brainstorm solutions on sticky notes and vote them.
5. Go to breakout rooms and each team has to design one ritual, based on the examples (für etwa 20 minutes).
6. Make a NUF test in order to qualify the rituals. Two red dots for New. Two Yellow dots for Useful. Two blue dots for Feasible. 
7. You´ll get a heat map of the rituals. Begin with the most voted.


Discover the workshop in video


Alejandro Flores
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