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Steven Sampson-Jones

Steven Sampson-Jones

Marvellous Retro

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Marvellous Retro


Why do this workshop?
Hand-drawn Agile Marvellous Comic Book Retro, what’s not to like?

The point of a retrospective is to enable change. It’s a reserved time-box to look at how we are working together as a team and inspect and adapt the culture and team-practices. This particular format is a fun and engaging theme which also covers the other successful aspects of a Retrospective e.g. psychological safety, energiser, liberating structures and return of time invested.

All visuals have been sketched by Steven Sampson-Jones (UK Government Agile coach) on Procreate.

How to run this workshop?
Review Previous Retro Actions:
Did you Hulk smash the previously agreed experiments, actions and key take-always?
Energiser: Based on the 8 superheroes personality traits, which most resonates with you? Add your name or initials to your chosen character,
Generate Insights:
Iron Man, “ I love you 3000” - who deserves credit where it’s due?
Spider-Man, “Spidey-sense” - what’s your intuition forewarning us about events and dangers on the horizon?
Captain America, “S.H.I.E.L.D” - what can we deflect away from the team that is mitigating the value we can add?
Black Panther, “Wakanda Forever” - how do we also achieve technological prowess?
Doctor Strange, “Time Stone” - in hindsight, what do we know now that we wish we did before starting? What could we do differently?
Antman - how can we achieve smaller batch sizes?
Decide what to do - “Infinity” Sort similar stickies and group together. Particpants can vote with 5 of the unique Dot Voting Counters (who’s side are you on - Civil War?).
Move the top rated stickies into the “What” column and decide what potential experiments the team would like to trial.
Close the show: Infinity Gauntlet (1 stone - useless to 6 stones) how good was this retrospective session? Indicate on the return of time invested gauge.


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Steven Sampson-Jones

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