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Marketing Vision Canvas _ this template help teams who start plan their marketing strategy : whith this template you can imagine and idetify your marketing strategy goal/ aim: what's extraordinary appened next year thenks to your project? This canvas it's a collaborative way to imagine a possible future of yuor project, the effect of your suiccess. It's engage all people involved in the marketing projcet inclides managers, decision maker, marketer, customer service peroiple, sales people... Is one of the Business Design Marketing® Template published by GOWISI to co create and facilitate Marketing strategy whith your team


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GOWISI is a Chiara Palamà and Elena Tavelli brand; we are italian creator and facilitator in Business Design Marketing. This is a method innovation based on people: we have creade a 4 step process to co create Marketing strategy and Models. For the first time we selected and adapt business Design, Desing Thinking and human centered tools to the Marketing stratgy. It's a completely new way to co create marketing and branding Strategy, involving not only marketing people in the process, but also sales people, customer service, finance, product departmente and cecision makers. We have wrote a detailed manual to explain the Business Desgin Marketing principles and the tools ( In Italian for now..)

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