😬 Lego® Avatar Mix & Match

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😬 Lego® Avatar Mix & Match


WHAT ARE WE DOING HERE ? An icebreaker is an activity, game, or event that serves to host and warm up the conversation 
between participants in a meeting, training class, team building session, or other event. WHY ARE WE IN ? Get to know each other remotely, share your mood, your expectations and familiarize yourself with the use of the virtual board tool. HOW DO WE RUN IT ? This workshop is designed to be driven in 15 minutes following the instructions: > DESIGN YOUR LEGO® AVATAR 1. From background to top, create your personal avatar following your mood today ; 2. Duplicate (CMD + D) each part and move them to the right side of the board choosing an avatar slot ! > DEFINE YOUR EXPECTATIONS Aside your avatar, write your name, your mood and your expectations from the workshop today. > SHARE WITH THE TEAM You have one minute per participant to share your mood and your expectation of the day. PART OF THE RSPRINT SYSTEM This activity is a part of the RSPRINT workshop design system : make it yours customizing this template by importing your logo or come to explore our other templates on our website (https://store.r-sprint.com/) to continue create professional workshops saving time for what is really matter : driving great outcomes not workshops 😎


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R SPRINT is the first workshop system designed to help & speed your creative activities online as offline. With more than 5 years of experimentation and improvement driving major brands innovation, this unique framework is available now on MIRO & FIGMA * Innovate faster, Facilitate smarter

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