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Lean Prioritization Matrix

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Lean Prioritization Matrix


Why do this workshop?
The Lean Prioritization Matrix is an effective decision making tool, helping make clear comparisons between your backlog features.

How to run this workshop?
Rank your features by value and ease to implement, into one of the four quadrants:
1. Top left is Quick Wins - high value, easy to implement items.
2. Top right is Major Strategic items - high value but more complex so plan accordingly.
3. Bottom left is 'Filler' Tasks - lower value tasks that are easy to complete - do these in the quieter periods.
4. Bottom right is Time Sinks - avoid or de-prioritize these items.


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Metro Retro
 Metro Retro is a free web app that helps teams run productive, engaging and fun retrospectives. 

It uses real-time updates, adaptable templates and a quirky sense of humour to help you run the best possible retros!

It is great for distributed teams where a face to face retrospective is not possible. It is also great for co-located teams for shorter meetings, less wasted paper and always available history of your retros. 

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