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Why do this workshop?
Originally created by Ash Maurya as an alternative to the Business Model Canvas by Alex Osterwalder.
This is used by teams or individuals wanting to create headlines for the opportunity they want to address.

This canvas is focused on the problem space and the opportunities, as compared to the Business Model Canvas which helps you build out the details of the business you want to create.

Use this template to outline new ideas for products. Using sticky notes forces you to be concise in your thinking.


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Metro Retro
 Metro Retro is a free web app that helps teams run productive, engaging and fun retrospectives. 

It uses real-time updates, adaptable templates and a quirky sense of humour to help you run the best possible retros!

It is great for distributed teams where a face to face retrospective is not possible. It is also great for co-located teams for shorter meetings, less wasted paper and always available history of your retros. 

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