Peter Rochel

Peter Rochel

Peter Rochel

JTBD Hypothesis Building

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How to find evidence about most relevant unmet customer needs? This template is the tool I use in JTBD Mindset & Language Workshops as in our JTBD Sprints. It helps Teams to identify the right candidates and design a screener for JTBD Interviews. At the same time it generates a shared language and understanding to work with JTBD core elements that connect seamless with business model canvas, value proposition canvas, testing business ideas and portfolio maps.


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Peter Rochel

I help to align innovation efforts with high value customer needs and transformation with employee needs. For more than 15 years now I'm specialised in identifying high value customer jobs. As well as I'm enabling teams or entire organisations to implement JTBD mindset, language and methods. So they can improve their ROI on R&D and/or marketing. As a Jobs to Be Done facilitator and creator of The Wheel of Progress® Canvas and Sprint Framework I have worked for huge corporates, small and medium size companies or startups in almost any branch, such as software, media, construction, advertising or consulting in EU, US and AUS. I speak German, Spanisch and English

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