Isabelle Desrosiers

Isabelle Desrosiers

Isabelle Desrosiers

ideation journey - black background

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ideation journey - black background


Why do this workshop?
It's a basecamp for industries like luxury or companies having a strong color+black design.
For them, esthetic is key even when it comes to workshops and ideation processes. This template is simple and a starting point to build a process. Feel free to move things but try to keep the spirit of it by having new steps in circles.
Plus, having a black background is a calm moment for your eyes, isn't it?

How to run this workshop?
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Isabelle Desrosiers
Hello there. I'm a former Creation Director and co-founder of ideoscripto, a French consultancy company specialized in change awareness and creativity for over 17 years. We mix a lot of design, communication, event and creative techniques to change the way people see so they do things differently. 
We think organizations do need to think and act beyond their established practices to imagine otherwise. We design complete "thinking architectures" and support our clients through communication plans, inspiration, facilitation and last but surely not least, anima.
I'm thrilled with online tools such as Mural, Miro, Klaxoon and more. 
I'm thrilled with Lego®️ Serious Play®️ and all methods to pretotype + prototype. 
So much to discover every day, my motto is to stay curious and do hard work playfully

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