Niels Anhalt

Niels Anhalt

Niels Anhalt

hybrid collaboration - analyze your work - an asynchronous workshop

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hybrid collaboration - analyze your work - an asynchronous workshop


Why do this workshop?
How can we as a team best work together in a hybrid work environment, where we are all partly distributed in place and in time?

If you wish to tackle this question, it is a good starting point to look at the concrete work activities every team member does and look at, which collaboration with co-workers is needed to generate value for the company and their customers. This is what this workshop is all about.

How to run this workshop?
You can run this workshop on your own together with your team with help of this template. Or you let yourself help by video facilitation support.

The workshop is split in two parts - the first part every member can do own her own asynchronously, the second part is a synchronous workshop.

Find more information in these three short videos:
  1. What is an asynchronous workshop anyway?
  2. Explanation of this workshop in detail
  3. Options and tips to facilitate this workshop


Discover the workshop in video


Niels Anhalt
 I am the founder of - a digital service platform for asynchronous facilitation.

I've worked for over 20 years in various leading roles at digital consulting firms and agencies and have experience in methodologies around brand, user and customer experience, service design and business consulting gained in 200+ digital projects for companies of varying branches and sizes. 

My passion is facilitating not only singular workshops but whole strategic processes with the help of digital tools and methods. 

My favourite digital whiteboard tool is Mural, but I even have a lot of experience with Miro and Conceptboard.

Languages: English, German

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