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End of the year retrospective

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End of the year retrospective


Why do this workshop?
This template is the perfect end of the year reflection for teams. Divided into a personal retro and a team one, it aims at better understanding how a team is doing, what's driving every member and what is needed for the team to grow.

After a whole year away from the office, we all feel a need for connection and belonging. This is this yearly retrospective is office-themed!

The session starts by entering the front door, and as you progress through the exercises you move through different rooms and make your way up to the top.

For the session wrap up the exercises continue in the nearby building, which is a bar for your team to celebrate with drinks!

How to run this workshop?
The session is organised in two parts, which can be run as separate shorter workshops.

  • Session 1 - Individual reflection
    The aim of this section is allowing every team member to reflect on how the year went.
    In order to allow everyone to share, it’s recommended to split the group into breakouts of maximum 4.
    The first exercise is a warm up to recollect highs and lows of the year.
    The second exercise focuses on projects in order to find what makes a good or a bad one, and inform our leads on how to better staff the team and ongoing issues.
    The third exercise looks at skills and asks everyone to think of what they like applying, what they want to learn and what they could teach others. The result of this exercise will allow the team to set up knowledge sharing sessions throughout the year and organise appropriate trainings.
    The conclusion wraps up the individual reflection setting actions and prioritising what to start doing in the next year.
  • Session 2 - team reflection
    The second part of the workshop aims at painting the current status of the team and it is to be run with the full group.
    The first exercise maps every team member’s core skills to identify strengths and weaknesses, which will help informing training and hiring decisions.
    The second exercise focuses on team activities and cultures, and it aims at creating actions for everyone to pick up as a group.
    The third exercise is a group prioritisation that sets goals for next year and creates accountability for the team.
    The conclusion is a mission statement for the next year, which every team member can use to remember actions and motivations.

More instructions can be found within the template.

I hope more teams can personalise this template to represent their own culture and enjoy a moment of reflection :)


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Martina Bonetti

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