Steven Sampson-Jones

Steven Sampson-Jones

Steven Sampson-Jones

Dragon Board Z - Super Saiyan Retro

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Dragon Board  Z - Super Saiyan Retro


Why do this workshop?

The 5 goals of this retrospective are
  • To feel the moods of the team members (and how they felt the sprint).
  • To celebrate the victories.
  • To identify the threats that have interfered with the sprint goal.
  • To keep an eye on the good things that have been tried, even if they failed !
  • And finally, to focus on one thing that can be a game changer during the next iteration.

How to run this workshop? 

#1 Pick your fighter (~15 minutes)

Share the mood of people here, how they lived the last iteration.

First part takes 1 minute, every team member has to pick the fighter he had been like during the sprint.

Each fighter has its own mood and behaviour. You don’t need to match perfectly with everything, but to choose the closest one.

Then, everyone explains shortly (~1, 2 min) why he has picked this particular fighter.

#2 The Genkidama (~20 minutes)

Celebrate victories, identify threats, keep an eye on good tries

  • Goku/Vegeta (top left) represents the appreciation station/kudos wall. Say thanks to a colleague or stakeholder.
  • Flying Nimbus (top right) what suggestions do you have to get us feeling like we’re floating on Cloud 9, what improvements can we make?
    (You can take one post it to help your team remember what is was)
  • The enemy (Kid Buu) (bottom left) represents the threats and bad things the team encountered during the sprint.
  • The genkidama ki (bottom right) represents the good things that helped.

(Group sticky-notes in themes and use the Dot Voting counters to prioritise topics for discussion)

#3 Shenron (~15 minutes)

If your team could make one wish, what would it be ?

rite max 3 post its about ideas they think it would be the best wish for Shenron.

Now it’s your responsibility to make sure your team and you will try to make this wish a thing in the next iteration.

#4: Closing (~10 minutes)

Take some time to playback actions and what has been said in the session. 


Discover the workshop in video


Steven Sampson-Jones

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