Steven Sampson-Jones

Steven Sampson-Jones

Steven Sampson-Jones

Disney/Pixar Retrospective

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Disney/Pixar Retrospective


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Why do this workshop?
Provides the opportunity for a team to look back and see how they can improve. Retrospectives can be a catalyst for organisational change as well as team change. They can be a place to build and enable teams, or to help teams start their journey from the best possible place. Make sure everyone is engaged in a fun and familiar theme.

How to run this workshop?
Each activity must be tackled in the sequential order in which they are listed in the template over a few key steps. Timings for the retro are flexible depending upon the size of your team, but typically it should be completed within 60 mins:

1) Step 1: Set the Stage - Kick off with a fun icebreaker, split the participants into three breakout rooms and see who can produce the best Mr/Mrs. Potato in the given timeframe. The facilitator can be the decider.
2)  Step 2: Gather Data and Generate Insights - Using the visual prompts the team will dive into the main course of this template. Each of the concepts are designed to bring up feelings, talk about the positive stuff, recognise people, seek improvements. They will drive the team to reflect about the given context, reinforce a shared vision and generate insights.

3) Step 3: Close the Retrospective - This is a fun way to end the retro where the team place their cursors over the appropriate character which represents how the session was in terms of collaboration, safety and all opinions accounted for.

I hope you enjoy this Retro!


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Steven Sampson-Jones

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