Anastasiia Kondratieva

Anastasiia Kondratieva

Anastasiia Kondratieva

Chalet Alone icebreaker

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Chalet Alone icebreaker


You are never alone while working in a team. 

When to use Chalet Alone icebreaker? 

This icebreaker is perfect to use to 

  • warm-up your team before a brainstorming/ideation session
  • switch on problem-solving mood
  • generate more interaction between old/new teammates 
  • enhance team building
  • discover and appropriate new (Miro) workspace 

How does Chalet Alone icebreaker work?
(you must have already seen “Home Alone” before you start) 

  1. Begin your session by announcing that the parents have forgotten Kevin at home, again, so he cannot ski with them. 
  2.  Ask them to find a key from the chalet to help Kevin escape. 
  3. For this, participants have to put together the pieces of the key. Do not forget to use a timer to put some pressure and motivate your team. If they are entirely lost, let them use a clue.  


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Anastasiia Kondratieva

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