Oliver Ding

UX researcher

CALL (Creative Action Learning Lab)

I am an innovation-oriented researcher, designer and curator with theoretical thinking and practice experience on various mobile and web artifact creation. Since 2010, I have been working on developing several web applications and mobile apps as a product strategist and interaction designer. 

As a product strategist, I used to work with founders and CEOs on product concept development including idea generation, market research, competitor analysis, and users research. As an interaction designer, I work with software programmers to turn the product concept into real web/mobile applications. At this stage, I work on product development plans, user interface design, visual brand identity system, test, etc. After product launch, I work on product growth, user research, new feature development and product redesign. 

I am also currently active in theoretical research about Activity Theory, Ecological Psychology. Based on such theoretical resources, I have been developing various theoretical frameworks for product strategy, knowledge curation, community engagement, platform creativity, etc.

Strategic Thinking, design Diagramming, knowledge Curation,