Chris Weier

Company management

dorris - co-creating user-focused products with design-led methods

We seed innovation and enable our clients to create substantial new value for their company and their customers. With our Product Strategy Sprint we empower businesses to solve a major challenge and develop a validated Product & Growth Strategy within just 8 weeks.

Believing in the power of Co-Creation, we create tailor-made programs to learn User-Centric Thinking, Design Thinking, Innovation Design and Design Sprints. With our Innovation Lab x Copenhagen we offer a strategic exploration of different ecosystems: to understand new behaviors, test out new things and engage in high-level partnerships. 

About myself: Since the dot-com era, my passion has always been to create enjoyable and meaningful digital products and services. Starting my career as a self-taught Developer, I soon realized I was striving to create great digital experiences as a UX and later also UI Designer. I wanted to have a job where no day is like the other, constantly learning and being challenged. That's why I founded my company in 2007 and my first startup in 2008.

I am an Explorer and a Sprinter: I am best in an environment of uncertainty and creativity and thrive when being able to execute at a blistering pace. 



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