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A consistent digital concept, a good user interface design, as well as a good information architecture in combination with good content result in a good user experience.

Quite simple. Actually.

Hi, I'm Marc - as a designer I create visual digital concepts for makers in the digital space.

My range of services includes planning and facilitating workshops* to develop and improve innovative digital products, services and business models. 

The results of these workshops are specific trend-setting innovations and prototypes verified and falsified through user tests. Further optimised products and services as well as detailed roadmaps with specific milestones. 

Workshops validate for feasibility in the context of economic viability and help to implement innovations through methods. Teams benefit from reconnecting through processes in an authentic, open and agile way.

* Custom Workshops (Design Thinking, Ideation & Requirements workshops), Design Sprints.

Many years of experience and proven work in the design process paired with creativity, flexibility and empathy are my basis for solution-oriented dialogues with all participants. This produces results that are centred on the digital product and user. 

With a focus on the digital, the user experience is at the centre of everything I do. As an experienced designer, I can accompany you through your entire project. From workshops, customer journey maps & user research to digital branding and corporate design to interface designs for websites, apps & software.

Would you like to talk to me about your project? Contact me and I will arrange a meeting as soon as possible.


UX research workshops, sprints, & Custom UI, design





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