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World Café User Interviews

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World Café User Interviews


Why do this workshop?
The World Café User Interviews Template offers a comprehensive template that guides a team through conducting user interviews and the creation of an Empathy Map in one. It consists of two parts:

1st Part: User Interviews

Time needed: 1.5 hours

Participants: Product Team, user volunteers, facilitator

2nd Part: Creation of Empathy Map

Time needed: 1.5 hours

Participants: Product Team, facilitator

When to use the World Café User Interviews Template?

During the product development process, it is important to know the needs of the users and to keep refreshing and adapting them. Planning a World Café with the product team and user volunteers helps to gain insights into user behaviour and user experiences. 

How to run this workshop? 


  • Find volunteers to be interviewed

  • Briefing of interviewers (product team)

  • Prepare interview questions

Part 1:

  • Check in & Introduction

  • Warm Up (breakout rooms)

  • World Café (breakout rooms per table and topic)

  • Wrap Up and Q & A's

Part 2:

  • Discussing insights, observations and interview outcomes as a group

  • Creation of Empathy Map with help of interview outcomes


Send participants outcome and thank them for their time, trust and openness 


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Daniela Felser

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