This is a simple and useful canvas to collect the main concerns required to run a workshop with clients.Why I use the Workshop Planning CanvasI'm used to running a lot of different workshops, with a variety of purposes and shapes, going from discovery activities, research, co-creation, design sprints, strategic roadmapping sessions, among others. The way we plan workshops is crucial to its success, which is in essence to fulfil the workshop goals and to have participants as engaged as possible.Along the time, I have seen very problematic and diverse scenarios to correctly shape the very fundamental definitions for those sessions to succeed. I created this template as a workshop planning tool to have stakeholders aligned, from the very beginning, around the real objectives every session pursue, to collect expectations, and to bring transparency for  an effective communication. Also, as a university professor, it is very useful for me to when explaining design thinking dynamics to my students. How to use the CanvasSome things could change depending the amount of sessions and the duration. I.e. Tangible outcomes in a 1-day workshop will surely be less than longer sessions. I added this text in the first block “Consider including not more than three objectives and tangible outcomes for a 1-day workshop.” and other references to clarify certain boxes. Watch a video


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