It is not always easy to collect all of your users’ needs, especially when you are not necessarily familiar with the context of use or the field in which they work. That’s why we created this downloadable and printable canvas to help you collect needs.

We worked for a discretionary investment management company. The goal of our intervention was to understand why their existing tools did not meet the needs of the portfolio managers (our end users).

But before we could address the question of “why”, we needed to better understand the context and identify their work habits while understanding their daily lives. Thus, we would have bits of “what”, “who” and “how” that would most certainly allow us to find leads on the “why”.

We wanted to make it easier for our users, and bring a bit of fun too. We looked at creating a card game fast enough to help our managers work with us on this exercise.

For more information on the entire workshop and how to use those cards, the Miro Board and this article will help you with that:


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