The Team Canvas Basic is a short 30 to 45 minute version of the Team Canvas framework that is suitable for starting new teams, aligning on common vision and basic agreements. It is pretty fast and works best on short projects, or when a new member joins the team.When to use The Team CanvasBased on our experience with startups and creative groups, it is made to smoothly start collective projects, let people learn about each other and accumulate enough momentum to get going.Team Canvas Basic works best at the following touch points:creating a team;kicking off a project;welcoming new team member (e.g. freelancer joining the team);basic team alignment meeting.How does The Team Canvas work?You’ll be guided through 5 key concepts:Purpose: What is the team's purpose: the Why behind your goals? 5 minsGoals: What are the goals for the whole team, as well as for each team member? 5 minsValues: What are the core values that you share as a team? 5 minsRoles & Skills: What are the roles and corresponding skills that each member brings to the table? 5 minsRules & Activities: What are the ground rules that you want to agree on? How are you going to communicate? How would you make your decisions? How are you going to plan, execute and evaluate them? 5 mins


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