The Team Canvas offers a comprehensive, 90 to 120 minute workshop template that helps teams to work through their group dynamics, to resolve conflict and align the members.

When to use The Team Canvas?
As a leader or facilitator, you experience moments when you need to bring team members together, clarify their goals, figure out their motivations and help them to be more aligned and productive. Use Team Canvas to start a structured conversation with the team and bring everyone on the same page. 

Team Canvas works across multiple touch points:
creating a team;
clarifying goals and addressing overall team performance (e.g. when you feel stuck as a team, or when you need to get a lot of stuff done);
growing and onboarding new team members;
general alignment sessions (recommended every 2-3 months).

How does The Team Canvas work?
You’ll be guided through 9 key concepts:

Purpose: What is the team's purpose: the Why behind your goals? 10 mins
People & Roles: What are the names and the roles of each member? 5 mins
Common Goals: What are the goals for the whole team? 10 mins
Personal Goals: What are individual goals of each team member? 5 mins
Values: What are the core values that your share? 10 mins
Needs & Expectations: What are your needs and expectation from the team? 10 mins
Rules & Activities: What are the ground rules that you want to agree on? How are you going to communicate, make decisions, execute and give feedback? 5 mins
Strengths & Assets: What are your strengths: things that would move you forward? 15 mins
Weaknesses & Risks: What are your weaknesses: things that would hinder you? 15 mins


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