Samuel Ortega

Samuel Ortega

Samuel Ortega

The Simpsons Retrospective

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This team retrospective template aims to reflect on how to improve the ways of working within the team. This is done by identifying what is limited, what is not, and the possible insights resulting from the conversations during the retrospective. You can use this Miro template to run a retro with your remote teams. The template will help you and your team reflect on the most important aspects and guide the discussion towards a proactive outcome. Feel free to adapt to your needs. - Check-in - Icebreaker - Gather Data - Generation of Insights - Actions - Feedback Other Contributor Content: Noisy Questions


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Samuel Ortega

Scrum Master and Agilist, with more than 8 years of experience in projects and products of technology, operations and information systems. More than 4 years of experience in leadership of development squads in agile frameworks and with PSM I certification by

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