Daniela Paredes García

Daniela Paredes García

Daniela Paredes García

The Power of Sketch

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What is this?

This is a simple but useful contribution made by Daniela Paredes to the original 4 step sketch process from Design Sprint which comes, right before switching into idea mode.

It helps people that think they can't draw or simply don't know what sketch is,  to create well-detailed sketches through a structured process that seeks to go for quality.
This exercise is preceded by the take notes step.

What does it include? 

  1. Explaining why sketching needs to be well detailed.
  2. Giving people the guiding principles before any attemp to sketch.
  3. Giving more than a pen and paper to sketch.
  4. Demo at least 3 paper prototypes from the repository for inspiration.
  5. Continue with the next 3 steps (Ideas-crazy 8's and solution sketch).
  6. Make your own sketch or customize one available. (This should support the last step of the 4 step sketch process from the design sprint).

When to use it?

When Sketching you find that:

  • Many people think they can not draw.
  • Many people start writing instead of sketching
  • Many people sketches are too abstract.
  • Sketches are not self explanatory.


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Daniela Paredes García
Product Design Facilitator, highly experienced with Design Sprint and agile frameworks working on Innovation and Digital Transformation in Latin America. 
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