The Pitch Canvas© is a brainstorming tool to help entrepreneurs think through their pitch to investors, partners and customers.David Beckett has developed it through hundreds of conversations with investors and pitch competition juries, as well as by coaching over 950 startups around the world. With The Pitch Canvas©, David's intention is to help Startups talk about relevant topics with certainty and confidence. How to use The Pitch Canvas© Step One: Gather ideasGo through The Pitch Canvas©, on your own or with your team, and note down everything you can think of on each topic. All ideas are good at this stage, and its better to have more ideas than less. If there is something which you don't have covered yet, make a note of it - and don't worry! startups rarely have all the answers, but it's good to know what you don't know. Step Two: Refine ideas Take a step back and think through - who's the audience, what's the objective of the pitch, and how long have we got for the pitch? Which big topics do we need to cover? Step Three: Build a storylineBuild a storyline of chapters and content extracted from the brainstorm.


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