Jan Bidner

Jan Bidner

Jan Bidner

Team Game: Asteroid Word Hunt!

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Team Game: Asteroid Word Hunt!


Why do this workshop?
This is fun warm-up exercise in the shape of a planetary team game to get the team going and start working together.

How to run this workshop?
Start the timer for 8 min and let the race begin...

How to play?

  • Look behind the small planets to find the hidden pictures* with clues to letters. Each picture contains a place, a person or even a scene from a movie. 
  • By naming the star, the movie or the place that is featured on the picture you can get the first letter from that name. 
  • By combining all the letters into words and writing them into the panel of the mothership you can win the game. 
  • When the team is done, stop the timer and capture or write in the finishing time on the pink sticky note.

Alternate gameplay?

If you want to you can start two separate miro-boards from this template and compete agains each other TEAM vs TEAM. 

*) The pictures are of Stars, movies, characters games and places from mainstream pop-culture. Basically icons and familiar faces from the mid/late 90:s and up til today. You should have a diverse team with at least one old geezer in the team to get all the references. Either that or picture-google the shit out the pictures!


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Jan Bidner

Thinking out of the box comes natural to me as it is a core drive in both my work and in my spare time. My main concern is problem solving and creating effects for my clients (and satisfiction for myself). And also being passionate and having fun doing so. No matter the techonlogy or means. Effect is A and O.

I am passionate and engaged with a focus towards sustainability and engaging, user centered services. Expert areas are dynamic web development, O365, learning, UX-design, games and gamification.

Except from being pretty digital I am also pretty analogue and hands-on in the way I go about things and how i view the world... I think digital is merely an ominus channel to support everyday problems, challenges and activities. But what really matters is how we use and experience services in our lives. I have 6 points that I always consider in every project I am involved in: Behaviour, Needs, Understanding, Explanation, Change and Improvement. I think validation is key. Assumption and best practices goes a long way but can cause prejudice and bias.

As a Requirements Specificator I've worked both in large scale RUP-projects and in small scale SCRUM-Projects. I prefer working with small teams in quick, agile processes. Transparency and Visualization is a key when it comes to delivering the best possible experience.

I am an inspired and well prepared speaker with a pedagogical touch and natural ability to enthuse large crowds.

I am also immensely passionate about games and what makes them work. I've been designing games and Gamification experiences since 2009. My expertise is within games, gamification, user experience, edutainment and e-Learning. My heart is in good Learning, motivation and engagement through feedback, feeling and structure. I am a storyteller.

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