What is Storyply?
Storyply® is a conceptual design method developed by Berke Atasoy that combines 'conceptual design' and 'story planning' to assist design teams in discussing and framing ideas in an experience-centric fashion. 

Why use Storyply?
Designing for experiences requires design teams to empathize with the people for whom they create on an emotional level. To test, evaluate, and refine ideas, designers need to externalize and represent ideas into tangibles. Existing externalization strategies are not obviously equipped to incorporate the transient characteristics of experiences into the designer's creative thinking. Storyply proposes an approach to harness the power of storycraft to elevate strategies in designing for experiences.

How to use Storyply
Storyply® provides a set of templates to guide designers through the method by visually organizing their efforts and creative output. There are nine templates in total. The templates divide the total effort into more manageable sub-activities.

Storyply® Method suggests two main layers: Backstory and Story&Review. To have a more comfortable and lively introduction to the method, we recommend to also consult the on-boarding videos at


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