Metro Retro

Starfish Retrospective

Metro Retro
Why do this workshop?
An agile retrospective technique with five sections: Keep Doing, Do Less Of, Do More Of, Stop Doing, Start Doing.
This retrospective is worth running after a period of time or a few sprints, so the team can properly assess what needs to change.

How to run this workshop?
Time needed: 60-90 minutes

Ask the team to address each section in turn, in this order: Keep Doing, Less Of, More Of, Stop Doing, Start Doing. This bookends the retro with positive categories, keeping the meaty negative sections in the middle of the retro, and finishes the session with good ideas.
For each of the five sections follow this pattern:
  1. Ideate - write sticky notes (5 mins)
  2. Discuss the points raised and group into similar themes (5-10mins)
Then once all categories are completed, use voting to highlight the top three most important themes (5 mins).
Lastly as a team brainstorm and vote on actions for the most important themes, and assign an owner to each.

Tip: You can of course have people add their points to all the sections at once, then discuss the categories in turn without interruption.


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