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Speedcar and the Abyss Futurespective

Metro Retro
Why do this workshop?
The Speedcar and Abyss is a futurespective template, designed to help a team look ahead at what's coming up and plan accordingly.
It has two backward-looking sections, the engine and the parachute, and two forward-looking sections, the abyss and the bridge.

How to run this workshop? 
  1. Similarly to a retrospective, introduce the workshop, ground rules and why you're using the template - 5 mins
  2. Ask the team to write points for the retrospective sections - the engine (what's making us go fast) and parachute (what's slowing us down) -  10 mins
  3. You can either discuss these points immediately and group into themes, or the team can write their points for the abyss and bridge sections - 10-20 mins
  4. From the points and themes raised, hold a voting round on which are most important - 5 mins
  5. Then brainstorm actions for the most important points - 10 mins
  6. Hold a last voting round to choose the top actions as a team
  7. Assign the actions an owner and a date!


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