Why do this workshop?
This lightweight product backlog is easier to create and track work than full-blown project management tools. Use when you'd benefit from a light-touch process that can be changed on the fly. The visual format makes it easy to communicate status.
The columns can be easily changed to match workflow.

How to run this workshop? 
  1. Create all items of work as sticky notes in the Backlog section. Link out to specs and designs as needed.
  2. Prioritise the items of work in the Backlog.
  3. As you're working on an item, drag it into the appropriate column.
  4. Celebrate each completed item with the confetti cannon!

Tips on using this template:
  • If an item is no longer needed, drag it to trash.
  • Use the Notes section to capture high-level details or goals.
  • Use the rest of the whiteboard for planning, diagrams or other activities to support the backlog prioritisation.


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