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Open the Box - Retrospective

Metro Retro
Why do this workshop?
Open the Box is a retrospective exercise that gets a team to look at the processes they follow, the things they do and make, to decide what they should start add, drop or keep doing.

How to run this workshop? 
  1. Introduce the workshop, the template and retrospective ground rules - 5 mins
  2. Ask the team to write sticky notes for each of the three sections - 15 mins:
    • What should we add to the box?
    • What should we remove from the box?
    • What should we put back in?
  3. Group similar sticky notes into themes - 5 mins
  4. Vote on the top themes to address - 5 mins
  5. Brainstorm actions for the top themes - 10 mins
  6. Vote once more on the top actions - 5 mins
  7. Assign owners and dates to the actions
  8. Celebrate with the confetti cannon!


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